CNC Diamond-Cut Machining

CNC diamond-cutting is a precision machining process that uses Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology to shape and cut materials such as metals, glass, and even diamonds, using diamond-tipped tools.

A micro-precise lathe is used and applied to the damaged area(s) of your alloy wheel, and this removes the damage and returns the wheel(s) to how they were when they left the factory. The precise nature of this machining process ensures consistency and offers the ability to correct all sizes of damaged areas on alloy wheels.

Once the diamond-cutting stage of the repair is complete, additional finishing, painting (if required) and polishing will be carried out to return your alloy wheels to their former glory.

Smooth as Glass offers this service to customers all over the Tyne & Wear area. Whatever condition your alloy wheel(s) is in, pop in for a chat and we’ll have a look and advise on the best repair method and provide you with a no-obligation estimate.

Smooth as Glass in North Shields only uses the highest quality products, tools, and equipment, from PPG Paints to our Dalby downdraft booth. We never compromise or cut corners at any stage of the repair process so you’re guaranteed stunning results, every time.

To find out more about CNC Diamond-Cut Machining in North Shields, contact us online or call us directly on 0191 257 1217

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